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About Nicola


My Story

I am a qualified pharmacist. I have a BSc in Health and Performance Science (University College Dublin), BSc in pharmacy (Royal College of Surgeons Ireland) and a Masters in Pharmacy (Royal Collect of Surgeons Ireland). After qualifying as a pharmacist, I went on to obtain my qualification in Colon Hydrotherapy in 2019. I trained with The National College of Colon Hydrotherapy (NCCH) in Woolacombe, England; with one of the founders of The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists, UK (ARCH).

I have always played sports at a high level, most recently playing for the Irish Women’s Hockey Team. I am a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer holding a level 3 and 4 qualification.

Feel your best

I am passionate about helping others feel their best and learn to overcome health issues which they are experiencing.

I have experienced colonics from a gravity fed system and machine based systems. Through my own experience and from speaking to other highly qualified colon hydrotherapists, the Gravity system is always referred to as the superior treatment system, providing a deeper cleanse and detox, especially for those with constipation as it removes much more old impacted feacal matter than machines. This in turn means that it can remove much more in one treatment than the machine systems and therefore generally less treatments are required to restore optimal health.


Chronic Constipation

I was living with chronic constipation and digestive issues for years so I understand the role it can play not only on your physical comfort but also your mental health. I suffered from chronic bloating, digestive problems and constipation leading to the reliance on daily enemas before I began using colonics. I underwent colonoscopy’s and other procedures to try and find out what may be the cause, however no apparent cause was found. When I heard about colonics I decided to see if they could help me in my situation. Even after one colonic I felt the immense benefits of it. Since then, I have been using colonics to help maintain my health and keep my digestive issues and constipation at bay. I always find it acts as a reset for my body when I’m struggling with digestive issues.

Career Expansion

I decided to expand my career from working as a pharmacist when I realized how many people were suffering from digestive issues especially constipation and IBS. I was constantly supplying remedies in the pharmacy and I felt that the provision of colonics for many of these patients would be life changing. After seeing the immense benefits that colonics provided to me as well as others, I chose to study as a colonic hydrotherapist in order to provide the same relief to others that I experienced myself.

I am so aware of how food, exercise, stress and other daily habits can impact how we feel as well as how our body functions. I am really passionate about helping people improve their digestive health, learn to take control their digestive health and to help people feel better through the use of colonics, diet and exercise.

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