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Laxatives Explained: Bulk Forming Laxatives – Part 3

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Normacol and constipation

Bulk Forming Laxatives


Normacol is a bulk forming laxative. It contains Sterculia which works similarly to natural foods such as flaxseeds and psyllium husks. As it is not absorbed, it softens and bulks up the stool and by doing so stimulates bowel movement. It can be useful for those with a low intake of food or fibre. Plenty of water should also be included in the diet with these laxatives.

However, if faecal impaction is an issue, adding bulk to the stools can make the issue worse and more uncomfortable.

Dose: The recommended dose for adults is 1 or 2 sachets or 1-2 heaped 5ml spoonfuls, once or twice daily after meals. It is usually effective around 12 hours after administration.

Colon Hydrotherapy compared to Bulk Forming Laxatives

Colon hydrotherapy can be a useful adjunct to the addition of bulking agents to the diet. A colonic can help to clear constipation and any impacted stools prior to increasing fibre intake, therefore preventing making the issue worse. The addition of natural bulking agents such as flaxseeds or psyllium husks along with plenty of water is usually beneficial following a colonic.

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