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Feel Well.

Be Happy.

I'm Nicola Gray-Devine, a registered colon hydrotherapist.


Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

Colon hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation / Colonics is a safe, effective method of removing waste and toxic by-products from the large intestine, without the use of drugs or chemicals. The hydrotherapy colon cleanse provides instant relief from constipation, and helps with a wide range digestive issues, as well as improving many other aspects of our daily health and vitality. Click here to see our colonic irrigation prices.


About Nicola

I'm Nicola Gray-Devine, and as well as being a registered colon hydrotherapist, I'm also a qualified and practicing pharmacist. I'm a level 3 qualified gym instructor, and level 4 qualified personal trainer. I also have a degree in sports science and I'm a former international hockey player.


  • A safe gentle cleanse of the colon (price includes herbal enema)

    1 hr

    120 euros


“As a first time client I was slightly nervous, but Nicola put me at complete ease, by expertly explaining everything about the treatment to me. The treatment went exactly as Nicola said it would. It was totally pain free and comfortable. It only took about 45 mins, and the relief I felt afterwards was immediate and immense. I would 100% recommend anyone who has issues that would benefit from colon hydrotherapy to book a session at Wellness Within with Nicola.”

John, 49

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